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Picture Book Bundle

Picture Book Bundle

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Get Best-Selling Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster, Dog and Mouse, Please, Mind the Bear, and Herman and save 35%!

BEST-SELLER Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster helps children manage fears and anxieties. Jonathan James is too scared to try anything new. He keeps missing out on new chances to find things that he might love or be good at. With a small mindset shift and the help of a little green friend, he finally realizes that taking chances big and small can lead to happy and wonderful things. Choose the 'good whatifs' in life and see what happens!

M is for Monsters: What if I Know My Alphabet. Explore the amazing alphabet in this bright and beautiful alphabet book with the beloved Whatif Monsters! Featuring Michelle Nelson-Schmidt's bright and distinctive artwork, each letter introduces animals and nouns. Your child is sure to be delighted as they learn their alphabet, are introduced to simple sentences, can match colors with nouns, and recognize rhymes.

Please, Mind the Bear helps children learn about respecting boundaries other's set for themselves and others. Bear is an introvert who prefers to be alone. He is very clear about what he doesn't want. So clear in fact, that he has a sign outside his house stating his rules. Rabbit doesn't like rules and doesn't respect boundaries. Rabbit continues to push - even after Bear asks Rabbit politely to stop many times.

What happens when someone has stated clearly what they want and need, asks repeatedly to be heard, but is ignored? There are consequences for our actions. Sometimes they can be a steep price to pay as Rabbit learns. Mind the Bear is as much for adults as for our youngest readers. When we respect what others are saying they want - and don't want - we all feel safer in our own skin.

Herman is a book about learning that we have many purposes in this life. And maybe, our most important purpose of all, is spreading love.When Herman spread things, he noticed that it made people very happy. They smiled and said very happy words. That, Herman decided, was just like spreading love. Spreading love was Herman's purpose. He was very proud of his purpose.

But one day, Stanley, a brand new as-seen-on-tv blender shows up and disrupts Herman's whole world. Herman hardly gets used anymore. He loses his whole purpose in life.

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