About BookThis Events

Beth Paiva, a book “junkie,” came to become a book reseller because the vulnerability she hears from reluctant readers and parents who feel their children are struggling to read, and helping them find "the perfect book," is what fuels her heart. The flexibility that this business offers allows her to provide extra income to the household while balancing the business and family as her family requires, allowing her and her husband to homeschool their two boys.

About PaperPie

Since 1973, Usborne Books has had a reputation for bringing the most exciting, engaging and educational children’s books to market.  They are high quality, innovative and lavishly-illustrated and best of all they are the books kids love to read. The books are incredible simply because of the founder’s philosophy:
“Children are clever – they are our equals.  We shouldn’t talk down to them, but look across to them.  Books should be friendly, and as much like magnets as possible.  They should be reliable and accurate, stylish and artistic.  They should be accessible, and also surprising and provocative.  Books should help get you off your couch so you’re not just sitting there watching TV and chewing gum.  They should promote wondering.  They should be better than good.” – Founder, Peter Usborne

About Kane Miller Books

Kane Miller books have come from all over the world to bring a different country, culture or community to children.  These books have been published, since 1984, with extraordinary care and attention with an aim to ensure children can relate to the stories.


About MNS Creative

​Michelle Nelson-Schmidt is an author, illustrator, and public speaker. She writes inclusive and diverse books that touch on social emotional topics.  Her mission is to create stories and characters that help children feel seen, heard and feel safe in their own skin.  She's visited more than 100 preschools, schools, libraries and after-school programs in New England with BookThis Events, LLC.